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SIA’s vision is that of a circular economy

We are aware that the evolution of digital technology makes it possible to build a more sustainable future, becoming an economic reality. Thus, VS-Factory is fully committed to using digital-related innovation as an ally of its CSR strategy by creating its subsidiary VS-Green.

VS-green’s mission is to build a sustainable future by moving towards a circular, measurable and carbon-neutral value chain. Its answer lies in Sustainable Technology and Digitalization

The new VS-green business model is implemented in an ecosystem of partnerships while accelerating innovation.

It encompasses both niches linked to ecology and sustainable development.

In addition to adopting an approach that favors the functionality of the principles of the circular economy, VS-green sets the tone, the color through its actions and the direction towards global green intelligence. To achieve this, VS-green has become aware of current environmental issues with challenges to overcome in its field:

Collective intelligence stimulated from design

An eco-responsible architect from its first consulting approaches, the SIA plays a triple role in its overall vision, for a sustainable approach:
  1. Commitment and support of its employees in CSR.
  2. Eco-design: supporting and bringing this commitment to architects, designers, artists, manufacturers and suppliers.
  3. Engage your customer and support them: create a sustainable customer experience

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