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Indo-French, it was at the age of 17 that Martin Dorai, this young Pondicherry, arrived in France with all his purity and sensitivity to conquer the world that would become his, the one he had built.

He started by learning the technique of sound, image and light in the field of Live Performance, which he discovered with eyes full of stars. Not imagining the scope of this mastery,

It was only ten years later that he followed his intuition by becoming a pioneer in his field, working in digital scenography, mastering the integration and that of widely acquired technology.

Ten years later again, convinced of his strong taste and his vision, he gave birth to his brand: VS-FACTORY

As described by the French writer Henri Vignes (1916-1985), the Pondichère Volunteers are fine, intelligent rather gentle but very robust, we will add visionary as far as Martin Dorai is concerned.

Martin Dorai

A Journey of Art and Innovation


Yannick has built an impressive career path with multi-sector experience, particularly in luxury and large accounts. His career is punctuated by experiences highlighting his expertise in planning, budget management, storyboarding and strategic directives.

Within VS-Factory, Yannick Lemaire plays a central role as advisor and guide for the design of experiential projects. His careful management of planning, budgets, storyboarding and guidelines contributes significantly to VS-Factory’s mission.

His ability to listen and his exceptional availability are the key to his educational approach. He leads multidisciplinary creative teams, focused on excellence in the human/digital relationship, with particular emphasis on human-machine interfaces (HMI).

Mark Twain’s inspiring quote sums up his daring mindset: “He didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it.”

He takes on challenges by pushing the limits of the impossible.

Jean-Philippe DUMORA

Jean-Philippe Dumora, with more than 15 years of experience, combines mechanical engineering, 3D computer graphics, and special effects to create captivating tailor-made universes. His versatility forms the basis of his passion for immersive technology.

He excels from study to design, marking his career with a constant quest for innovation and innovative means of communication. At VS-Factory, as a creator, he embodies the ambition to adapt technology for everyone, breaking traditional boundaries with maximum accessibility.

For Jean-Phillippe, as Paul Coelho said:

“When we cannot go back, we must only concern ourselves with the best way to move forward.”


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